What’s Wrong?

The best brands and agencies we’ve worked at – the ones that consistently produce the most impactful, fame–building work – they have different norms. Their processes are simpler, their trust is higher, their appetite for risk is… insatiable-er? Our creative consultancy runs this way too. And while that sounds easy, executing it is not. Here are eight things we believe are right. Ironically, they’re what make us wrong.

We’re demanding.

If there’s more than one marketing decision maker, it’s too many. And if we’re not communicating directly with that decision maker (be it the CMO, CEO, or founder), the process is too complicated. No one ever said, “That committee feedback really helped clarify things.” The simpler the process, the better the work. Always.

We’re simple-minded.

We believe ads are effective even if all people remember is 1) your name and 2) they like you. We favor using general category benefits over meaningless brand claims or imaginary “owned” assets. And we believe you can only tell people one thing. Unless you’re entertaining about it, in which case, telling them nothing also works.

We’re uncompromising.

We work under the assumption that you know your business and we know ours. We only show thinking we’d invest in ourselves – even if it’s just one idea. Our clients are invited to approve or disapprove the work, but not to “improve” the work. Once brands and agencies decide to meet in the middle, that inevitably becomes their regular hangout.

We’re picky.

We are careful to partner with people who share our opinion that it’s far better to be debated than ignored; who understand that no one second–guesses their way to first–rate work; and who realize fear has no place in marketing. Shark–infested waters and conversations with landlords, sure. But not marketing.

We’re revolutionaries.

Most brands prefer the safe, steady path of incrementalist thinking. Our belief is that going halfway gets you nowhere, and that what’s often required for a brand to reach its potential is not an evolution, but a revolution. Researchers say people see up to 9,000 ads a day, yet they remember two. We exist to create one of the two.

We’re unserious.

Sure, marketers are under ever–increasing demands. And yeah, a top CMO’s tenure has never been shorter. But none of that pressure matters to audiences. We believe in creating communications that are carefree and often funny. After all, brands are like people – you want to spend time with the ones who make you smile.

We’re impatient.

There’s no reason why brands should find themselves stuck in a cycle of pitching, testing, and multiple rounds of creative development and approvals. If you provide simplicity, trust, and bravery, we’ll provide impact quickly. If we’re not creating fame–building work for you within six months of being hired, we will fire us.

We’re exaggerators.

We promised you eight things but as it turns out, we only have seven.