Doing things wrong is not new to us. We previously worked at Oatly (the oat milk company, not the sunglasses one) where we freely defied norms, welcomed controversy, and basically acted the way a brand acts if it has no fear. Since we have no clients ourselves, we’ll just have to show you some work we did there.  

People won’t always pay attention to a billboard promoting a newsletter about an oat milk. That’s why you need more than one.
Oatly repurposes photos of their billboards to use as social media posts. We wondered what would happen if we just kept that going. 
The Spam by Oatly newsletter never did gain many subscribers. But the ones we did have were exceptionally fashionable.
When outdoor media experts said billboards should have no more than eight words, we thought they said “523 words.” Our bad.
We don’t mean to pat ourselves on the back – especially in a humble place like The Netherlands – but, like, every… single… bus…
Successful marketing is all about knowing your audience.
As it turns out, we weren’t wrong – oat milk really does sell itself. But it was reassuring to have all our bases covered.
This tunnel in London featured 5542 pop up ads. So just like your average day on the internet.
We don’t have too many consistent rallying cries at Oatly, but among them is this gem: “Act like a human, not a brand.”
Marketers are drowning in too much data. Still, it would’ve been nice to know the percentage of drivers who sped up to pass this bus.
We aren’t fluent in all the latest media terminology, but we’re pretty sure the ad on the right qualifies as “retargeting.”
TikTok users will swipe after three seconds. Unless, of course, it’s a story about a woman who met a man at a waterslide.
People tend to criticize Oatly’s advertising as being silly. But a lot of it is fact–based.
It’s amazing how much people appreciate when brands are honest.
The biggest challenge marketers face is not their brand’s competition. It’s their audience’s disinterest.
If an ad whose headline ends with “blub blub blub blub blub” isn’t the perfect way to finish this section, we don’t know what is.